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Case Study: Helping a Healthcare Clinic Take its Bookkeeping into the 21st Century


Case Study: Helping a Healthcare Clinic Take its Bookkeeping into the 21st Century


SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_Evergreen-Speech-&-Hearing-Clinic-1Since 1979 Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic (ESHC) has become a respected source of comprehensive hearing evaluations and rehabilitation in the Puget Sound region. The healthcare practice has expanded from one location to three, with a staff of 28 that includes five audiologists and six speech therapists.

With the clinic’s growth came bookkeeping and back-office complexities. While ESHC used a robust, mid-market accounting system, they still entered vendor invoices and cut checks manually. Then ESHC's in-house bookkeeper gave two weeks’ notice.  

21st Century Bookkeeping
On the recommendation of a business associate, ESHC called on Supporting Strategies. Despite some initial misgivings about outsourcing bookkeeping, ESHC soon saw the advantages. "The Supporting Strategies team optimized our entire system and brought us into the 21st century," says ESHC Project Manager Chris Norwood. "What felt like a crisis turned out to be a great opportunity."

In addition to providing precision bookkeeping, Supporting Strategies gave ESHC new insights into their business operations. "They've led us to reassess some services that we had been paying too much for," Norwood says.

Financial Health for a Healthcare Practice
For ESHC, the improved transparency into their business operations has been a revelation. Norwood gives an example: "Now we have almost-live tracking each month of hearing aid sales at each location, which is great for financial reports. It provides the data we need to make adjustments, which helps save money." To learn more about how Supporting Strategies can help a medical practice with bookkeeping and business operations, read the case study.

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