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What is it like to work with Supporting Strategies? Hear from business leaders like you in our client testimonials.

Concentrate on Building Your Business

“When you finally have an exact moving picture of operational performance, you know Supporting Strategies has arrived! The Supporting Strategies team has cleared the deck so I can concentrate on growing my business, a truly productive partnership.”

Adam Goldberg, Founder & CEO, Torchlight

“Now that I am working with Supporting Strategies, I don’t have to worry about making sure my books are up to date — it just happens. It’s a great relief to no longer be saddled with bookkeeping tasks.”

Pam Valle, Founder, Valle Educational Consultants

“Jeff Orchard and Supporting Strategies are an integral part of our business at Tampa Laundry Company. We do what we do best and leave the rest to Jeff."

Amy M., Founder, Tampa Laundry Company

Make Better Business Decisions with Real-time Financial Data

“Having somebody on the outside looking in who is a professional and brings a lot of knowledge involving data and how to analyze things is incredibly helpful."

Scott Kerns, Partner, COO, SASKIA

“All the work that Supporting Strategies did for us helped us secure a very large business capital loan this year. Without our financials being in order, I don’t think we could have accomplished this. Thank you!"

Annie Kamiya, Owner, Curtis Kamiya Music, LLC

“Supporting Strategies is a fantastic partner. They understand a startup’s needs and they’re able to assist you in all financial matters. Most importantly, they help you think strategically about your business decisions and point you in the right direction.”

Elena Favilli, Co-Founder & CEO, Timbuktu Labs

Count on Financial Systems that Efficiently Scale as Your Business Grows

“Our firm has been ranked in the INC 5000 fastest growing companies four out of the last five years and we could not have done that without the help of Supporting Strategies! Great people, great process and superb results."

Furqan Nazeeri, Partner, Extension Engine

“We have 15 employees, but we support well over 2,000 computers. So with us, it’s all about gaining efficiencies through technology. That’s exactly what Supporting Strategies helps us do."

Matthew Nikravesh, Co-Founder and President, Solarus Technologies

“We've gone from about three employees in 2008 to more than 50 now, and Supporting Strategies has been able to grow right along with us."

Todd Garland, Founder, BuySellAds

Benefit from a Premier Team of Experienced Professionals

“Supporting Strategies is extremely reliable, extremely accurate and extremely responsive, and I completely trust what they’re doing."

Beverly M. Shafer, MD, FACS

“Their patience has been incredible. I’ve never asked a question that wasn’t answered, whether it had to do with bookkeeping or DCAA or what have you."

Tom Kornegay, Chairman/CEO/Founder, TeKONTROL

“I love my Supporting Strategies team — they've been as responsive as promised, and our experience with them has been excellent."

Margaret Burke, CEO, Pabian & Russell, LLC

“During the uncertainties of the pandemic and all the resultant changes that our medical practice went through, Supporting Strategies pulled through and was able to keep us afloat by facilitating loans and working with our vendors in order to maximize profit and reduce overhead during this difficult time. We couldn't have done it without them.”

Danielle Aufiero, MD, The Orthohealing Center

"If you're relying on an outsourced bookkeeping and controller services provider, you need to know that their work is accurate and that you'll get the support you need when you most need it. Supporting Strategies consistently delivers on both counts."

Joel Burstein, CEO, Keep it Simple Development and Training, LLC

"One aspect of starting and running a business that is particularly challenging is accounting operations. One thing I can't recommend enough is, if you don't already have the tactical expertise yourself to record revenue, report and analyze financial results, and prepare for tax compliance, look for an outsourced solution. We have that with Supporting Strategies, and they are phenomenal."

Mark Mallardi, General Manager, AMARUMAYU Superfruit Juices

"I want to let you know how pleased we are with our Supporting Strategies team.
Our Financial Operations Associate is one of the most pleasant controllers I have ever met. She is smart, pays attention to detail and controls, meets commitments and is easy to communicate with. Of course, our Financial Operations Manager is an A+ as well, though we rarely have to talk to her now.
We may be setting up an additional company and will be sure to use your services should it come to pass.
Thanks again to you and your team."

Erik Bogaard, CEO, Task Force Lab

“Deciding to outsource our bookkeeping and controller needs to a third party was a big step for us. Supporting Strategies has not disappointed. They're responsive, consistent and competent — the total package.”

Jake Lydick, Founder & CEO, Eye-bot

"Supporting Strategies is VERY different from our last bookkeeping/controller/HR partner - they feel like a part of our team, rather than an offsite extension or a group of contractors; our team seems to genuinely care about our success, even if its occasionally out-of-scope - like a true partner would."

Aman Advani, Co-Founder & CEO, Ministry of Supply

"Having worked with a handful of outsourced financial services groups, I can confidently say we will be a life-long client of Supporting Strategies. Everything from their attention to detail on our bookkeeping to the high-level strategic guidance has been instrumental to our growth."

Bennett Quintard, Chief Executive Officer, Siëo

Institute Procedures & Controls that Minimize Risk

‘We started working with Supporting Strategies solely as a resource for DCAA compliance. But we quickly realized that there's more to DCCA compliance than just keeping your books."

Michelle Theodoseau, Director of Administration, World Housing Solution

“The U.S. is so different from our other markets, and we really had a steep learning curve. They’ve helped us navigate all the different rules state by state.”

Phil Goodin, General Manager in North America, Autex Acoustics

"If we aren’t able to convey to the donors that we are responsibly managing their money, our entire model would fall apart. So it’s of the utmost importance that we have the transparency and the excellence of financial management that allows us to continue to manage these programs.”

Andrew Schneider, Executive Director, Arlington Thrive

Hear what our clients are saying

Supporting Strategies has provided efficient and effective bookkeeping and controller services to growing businesses since 2004.

Leslie Jorgensen founded our company with one goal in mind: give clients the support they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. Her vision continues to be our guiding principle at Supporting Strategies.

At the core of Supporting Strategies is our premier team of experienced professionals. Our team members are all based in the United States and have an average of 10 years of industry experience. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related discipline, and many hold an advanced degree and/or CPA designation. They take the time to get to know each client’s business and are always ready to assist with bookkeeping and controller services.