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Bookkeeping Services, Providence, RI

Supporting Strategies | Providence: Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping services, controller services and operational support to growing businesses.


Supporting Strategies provides outsourced bookkeeping and controller services throughout the Providence, Rhode Island area, including:

  • Bristol County
  • Johnston
  • Pawtucket
  • Providence
  • Smithfield

Supporting Strategies | Providence offers clients a variety of services, from basic bookkeeping to full-scale controller services. Our specialties include accounts payable, billing and accounts receivable, financial planning and analysis, human resources, payroll support, month-end close and many other bookkeeping and controller services in Providence.

Power your business growth with up-to-date financial data, cloud-based bookkeeping and financial analysis from a team of experts. With a proven process that we can customize to fit your business, consistent bookkeeping practices and best-of-breed technology, you’ll have the financial information you need when you need it.

Members of our team leverage the expertise of our Managing Director and Director of Business Development on top of their own impressive skills and industry experience. We use best-of-breed technology and transparent processes to promote every client's continued growth. And our team-based approach ensures clients of all sizes get the right level of support as their needs evolve.

Bookkeeping and Controller Services Tailored to Providence's Economy
A city known for creativity and innovation, Providence once earned the title "jewelry capital of the world" for its prominence in costume jewelry manufacturing. Textile and silverware manufacturing also played important roles in the region's history.

With today's consumers appreciative of locally made goods, Providence has experienced a resurgence of its arts-centered past. Professional services, trade, manufacturing and research remain strong, as do the food and clean-energy industries.

Supporting Strategies is positioned to serve businesses in these and other local core industries. Supporting Strategies provides bookkeeping and controller services in Providence, Pawtucket, Johnston, Smithfield and Bristol County, as well as in the surrounding area.

Ready to learn how you can strengthen your business with bookkeeping and controller services? Schedule your FREE Consultation with Supporting Strategies | Providence, RI today.

Supporting Strategies has been a lifesaver. Their experts allow us the ability to do what we do best while they do everything behind the scenes to maximize our profit. The time and headaches they save us far outweigh the small investment it costs us each month for their amazing services."
Stephen G. and AnnMarie Lukin, Co-Owners, SEALIT AMS HOLDING, LLC DBA Planet Fitness & AJ Coffee, LLC DBA Aroma Joes
Therese Joslin, Bookkeeping Services, Providence, RI

Meet Managing Director Therese Joslin


Therese co-founded Supporting Strategies | Providence with Lori Coleman, her long-time friend, in 2016. Therese is a co-owner of four Supporting Strategies franchises. Earlier in her career Therese was a partner in Resilien Worldwide, a global electronics business that had a sales market of over 400 million. More recently, she was a successful development entrepreneur, redeveloping homes in various wetlands and coastal locations.

Therese holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from Salem University. Outside of work, Therese has spent a lot of time volunteering in various communities from her children’s schools to meals on wheels and most recently helping a nonprofit by cooking for the homeless in greater LA.

Lori Coleman, Bookkeeping Services, Providence, RI

Meet Director of Business Development Lori Coleman

(781) 313-8158


Lori is a co-owner of four Supporting Strategies franchises. She brings over 20 years of diverse experience in marketing, sales management, business development and account strategy. Local business leaders benefit tremendously from her skills in connecting with clients, assessing their needs and partnering with them to implement improvements and action plans for growth.

Lori attended Providence College, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing. She volunteers with Special Olympics Rhode Island and is the past Treasurer of the Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island. Along with Therese, she is a member of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Supporting Strategies Client Delight Award Recipient 2021


Q: What bookkeeping and controller services does Supporting Strategies provide?

Supporting Strategies provides a full range of bookkeeping and controller services, including revenue and accounts receivable; expenses and accounts payable; HR and payroll; day-to-day bookkeeping and month-end close; and financials, planning and analysis.

Q: Will Supporting Strategies provide a consistent, assigned point of contact?

Every Supporting Strategies client is assigned a dedicated team consisting of a Financial Operations Manager and at least one Financial Operations Associate. Financial Operations Associates are part of an Operations Team, allowing for cross-training and distributed workload coverage. This team approach enables us to scale to keep up with the demands of growing businesses.

Q: What is your bookkeeper hourly rate?

Supporting Strategies provides right-size bookkeeping and controller services for a range of businesses. Whether you own a startup or an established and growing business, we offer bookkeeping and controller services at a level that works for you. We take a custom approach to bookkeeper hourly rates or pricing packages, depending on the size, needs, and growth goals of each business. Contact us now to learn how outsourced bookkeeping and controller services can help you take your business to the next level.


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