People, Process, and Technology: A Proven Approach for Small Business Bookkeeping

When you work with Supporting Strategies, there’s no need to hire a controller, an HR administrator or an accounts payable manager. We can fill all those functions, giving your business one comprehensive, cost-effective, long-term solution for your small business bookkeeping needs. As a result, you and your team can focus on what you do best.

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Many small businesses hire employees who handle many different responsibilities. For example, many small businesses have an Office Manager who handles everything from filing to bookkeeping to processing new employees and managing payroll. Instead of relying on someone who might not have expertise in all these areas, work with a team of experts at Supporting Strategies.

Our team members are all based in the United States and have an average of 10 years of industry experience. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related discipline, and many hold an advanced degree and/or CPA designation.

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As a small business owner, you want to focus on your core business. At Supporting Strategies, small business bookkeeping and operational support is our core business. We have been refining our process for small business bookkeeping since 2004.

We start with efficient standardized processes that we can customize to fit your unique needs. There is no need for you to invest your time and energy into establishing small business bookkeeping processes—work with the proven process at Supporting Strategies.

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Small business bookkeeping has moved well beyond paper and pencil. We research and test small business bookkeeping technology to find the most effective technology for business needs. As a result, we offer streamlined and efficient small business bookkeeping.

We collaborate with your team using best-of-breed cloud accounting tools in a highly-secure environment.


The Bottom Line

Thanks to our seamless integration of people, process, and technology, we deliver critical financial information that promotes the success of your business.